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Hôtel avec vue sur le village de Lama en Balagne
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Overlooking the beautiful valley of Ostriconi, between the sea and mountains, Lama is a historic village with a preserved architectural and natural setting. Walk through the narrow stony alleyways and vaulted passages and discover the heart of the old village with its small houses leaning against the rock. Most of their foundations date back to the Middle Ages. Keep going and admire the mighty residences from the 18th century, I Palazzi. Different walks and discovery trails starting from the Place de l’Eglise (Church Square) take you through the vestiges of a rich agro-pastoral history and beautiful landscapes: fountains, sheepfolds, straw-houses, cheese cellars, terrace farming, dry stone walls, gardens, and wheat-threshing floors. For the more athletic, the Monte Astu hike is an ideal outing. The Monte Astu (Mount Astu) rises to 1,535 meters above sea level and is the highest peak of the Serra di Tenda mountain range. This hike starts at the top of the village at 534 meters above sea level and winds along an old but well maintained mule track. The first stop is the Pruninco refuge located half way on a small plateau at 1050 meters above sea level (about 6 hours round trip).

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Festival du cinéma en plein air de Lama
Festival du film à Lama en Balagne

Explore hills, sheer gorges, undergrowth, deserts; walk through the old transhumance trails; breathe in the maquis aroma; bath in the fresh water rivers; and discover white water sports with your family with canyoning, or rafting for those into bubbles and whirlpools. For horse riding enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced riders, follow François Vescovali and his team into an authentic and wild land.

For golf enthusiasts, play in a natural setting, lined with century-old olive trees and surrounded by sheep, asphodel and wild everlasting flower (immortelle) fields.

Festival du cinéma de Lama
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Drive through the small and winding roads, discover charming villages, impregnable citadels, and Romanesque and Baroque churches. Stop in a vineyard for a glass of wine or taste the different flavors of maquis honey from the local beekeeper. Take a walk down the lane of local crafts and discover the fine works of clay, wood, glass, and even the secrets of Corsican knife making.

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