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About us

This small boutique hotel first came to life in the imagination of the lady of the house and her husband, Anne and Jean François Reydet-Baccelli. Anne is from Lama and Jean-François comes from Haute-Savoie, south-eastern France.
Lovers of their village and of the region, they decided to build on a steep plot of family a set of 3 “Pagliaghji”. “Pagliaghji” are stone straw-houses with rooftop terraces and basins carved in the rock to keep cool during the hot season.
This project was conducted by the architect Hervé Guirlanda and the work began in 2004 with the creation of an access road. It was a challenging project and required much patience to shape the rock and be able to settle up there.
Anne, who took care of the interior design and Jean-François of construction work, finally completed the work in 2006 and opened their doors for business.
With their love for creating, building, and telling stories, Case Latine has grown and expanded over the years to become the magical place that it is today.
Hôtel Case Latine